Search Engine Marketing

Keywords are the key to being engaged and discovered. Right keywords are the way to your audience. Keyword research is the foundation of traffic, sales, and ROI. It should be performed regularly. Perfect keyword research leads to perfect results.

Don't you want to be found by search engines easier? Content optimization is the way of optimizing your content for being more visible, more relevant and more useful. It helps search engines to understand what your business is about. Content optimizing includes using relevant keywords and links, image optimization, adding headlines, meta description, title tags, etc.

Competitive Analysis

Do you know your Seo competitors? Turn their weaknesses to your advantage and differentiate yourself. You should check domain authority and age, indexing in search engines, external and internal linking, keywords, traffic volumes, content, the target of your competitors, etc. Topics, relevance, tactics, digital channels should also be considered. The competitive analysis informs you about what works in the industry.

Link Building

Google wants quality and links. Link building is one of the most important factors in Seo. If some websites link back to your website, well done! Because sites with more backlinks earn higher rankings. Also, you should have those links from authoritative and relevant websites for better results in relevant searches. Websites should prefer natural link building rather than paid ones.

Competitor Keyword Research

Competitor Keyword Research

The right keyword, the right time and the right target.
As we said before your keywords are ‘you’, your company itself. Companies are competing to get better results on search engines and the most important thing here is ‘keyword’. Keywords are important for both organic search results and paid ones. Probably you know your competitors but knowing your online competitors is more important nowadays.
Your strongest competitors are on organic search results. Finding them will allow you to identify and analyze their keywords, link building opportunities, etc. It’s an opportunity of identifying the gaps. Nowadays keyword research is mostly competitor-based as it’s the best way of finding high search volume keywords and low competition. So when you scan your keyword research results try to keep good combinations of low competition and high search volume but they also need to be related to your product/service.

Doing keyword research yourself is good, but sometimes doing competitor keyword analysis is better, as it can give you a treasure of high Roi keywords that your competitors already use.
Keyword research is also important before optimizing your content. In your content, you should have keywords or their synonyms that are searched by your target audience.
Also for paid results, keyword research is important as you need to know which keywords to target. If your competitors target some keywords regularly, we may say that they got good results from them.


Engage User, Improve ROI

Engagement in digital is highly correlated with profitability. Here first, you must engage your target audience. You need to find a way of getting user attention and make him/her spend their time on your website or app. Engagement can be ‘adding items to cart’ or downloads, shares, clicks, comments, daily and monthly usage, etc.
Mostly if you have highly engaged customers, you have a profitable business. Because it’s something emotional between the customer and the brand. Highly engaged customers buy more and promote more. They become more loyal than others. The most important point here is if users find value in your product/service.
In digital marketing return of investment is very important. You see your profit/loss and the money that you have invested, so you decide if you will go for it or not.

If you want to improve your return of investment you may try different content, different targeting. You may change your messaging, offers to get better results. If you want to improve your ROI you need to understand customer behaviors so you may engage them in the right way. This will lead to user engagement and improvement in ROI.

Engage User